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IM Sports offers a variety of ways to get involved for all levels of competition.

Information about the registration launch and season launch is available on our Registration page.

Need a Fall 2024 job? IM Sports is hiring Game Managers! Visit our employment page for more information.

League Types

Type Details
CoRec Leagues that require a minimum number of female and male players on the court/field at all times.
Open Leagues that do not have any restriction on gender participation.
Women Leagues for female players only.

Levels of Play

Level Details
Premier/Advanced (“A”) This is the most competitive level of play. Teams are generally comprised of highly skilled, competitive athletes – often with significant playing experience.
Competitive (“B”) This is our most popular level of competition. Teams consist of individuals who either have some experience in the sport or are enthusiastic, competitive newcomers.
Recreational (“C”) Teams participate at this level strictly for recreation. Player ability is not as important as the emphasis on participation, having fun, and socializing. REC leagues are excellent for social clubs or individuals learning a new sport. Additionally, REC level teams do not advance to a playoff tournament.

Note: Individuals may participate in one competitive level per Division OR one Recreational team per Division. No individual may participate on more than one team per Division. (For example, a participant can play on one Open basketball and one CoRec basketball team, but not two open teams, even if one is competitive and one is recreational).

Prices & Roster Limits

The price for each sport is listed below. Keep in mind too that there is a limit to how many participants you may place on your Team Roster. It’s a good idea to keep these roster limits handy when entering your team into a league. Once your Team Roster reaches the limit, it will be frozen and you will be unable to add any new participants. A participant is considered on your Team Roster if he or she is checked in and on the Team roster for one game.

Sport Price Roster Limit
Basketball (5-on-5) $20/team Max: 12, Min: 4
Basketball (3-on-3) $20/team Max: 4, Min: 2
Dodgeball $20/team Max: 12, Min: 2
Flag Football $20/team Max: 14, Min: 6
Futsal $20/team Max: 12, Min: 3
Pickleball $20/team Max: 2, Min: 2
Soccer 11s $20/team Max: 20, Min: 4
Speed Soccer $20/team Max: 20, Min: 4
Softball $20/team Max: 18, Min: 8
Tennis $20/team Max: 1, Min: 1
Ultimate $20/team Max: 14, Min: 7
Volleyball (Sixes) $20/team Max: 12, Min: 4


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