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Flag Football – Stadium Ball

The game of Stadium Ball is designed to be a fast, exciting, and offensive game. Two games will be simultaneously played on the floor of Memorial Stadium with one game on the starting northern 40-yard line and always moving towards the north goal, and with the other game starting on the southern 40-yard line and always moving towards the south goal.

At no point in a game will a team’s offense drive from a goalline towards the middle of the field; both games are always played from the middle of the field to goal lines.

Aside from running and passing, place-kicking will also be a part of Stadium Ball. In Stadium Ball there is a “safe-zone” from 45-yard line to 45-yard line. This zone acts as the end-zone for both offensive teams, and a ball carrier (e.g. quarterback, runner, or receiver) may not go past the back of his or her “safe-zone” or the second 45-yard line. Any play in the “safe-zone” which would normally result in a safety in an end-zone in flag football (e.g. penalty, muffed snap, fumble, etc.) will result in a turnover. The defensive team will then start their offensive possession at the 40-yard line. Enforcement of penalties shall not move a team past their nearest 45-yard line. All possessions start at the 40-yard line (Exception: Penalty on previous play).

The offensive team shall have four (4) downs to reach or pass the 20-yard line at which time they will receive an additional four (4) downs to score. If the offense has not reached the 20-yard line and still has at least one down remaining, they may attempt a field goal. When the offense is inside the 20-yard line but has not scored, they may also attempt a field goal provided they have at least one down remaining. There are no punts in Stadium Ball, and all changes of possession will result in the offense taking over possession at the 40-yard line.

Eight players shall constitute a team; Six players are the minimum to start and finish a game. A maximum of 14 players can suit up for a particular game. In addition, each team must supply one person to assist with the down marker/line of scrimmage.

All players are responsible for reading this document prior to participating in Flag Football. These rules are subject to modifications when games are played at sites other than Memorial Stadium.

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