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Blue Camp participants who are Bears (ages 9-10)  and Grizzlies (ages 11-12) can look forward to camp days full of new adventures, time with friends, and digging deeper into their interests.  Bears and Grizzlies participate in three morning and three afternoon activities. Campers can try out a new sport, or spend time doing arts and crafts.

Bears and Grizzlies who enroll in two-week sessions will have the opportunity to customize their camp day by selecting the elective activities they want to participate in. For those in one-week sessions, campers will be given an activity schedule made up of a selection of Blue Camp’s most widely enjoyed classes.

Please note: Not all classes are available to one-week campers, in particular Archery and Swimming are only available to campers enrolled in two-week sessions.

The table below shows the Elective Activities that campers in two-week sessions can choose from. This year, we are offering the ability for two-week campers to customize their entire schedule. CampDoc will offer several dropdown menus that will show you your class options for each hour, and participants will use these options to build their schedules.

*NOTE: When registering your camper, you may only select each activity once. Any campers who are signed up for the same activity at multiple hours will have their schedules manually changed based on availability to ensure that they are participating in six different activities.

Available Track Activity Choices



Sand Volleyball









Table Tennis


Track & Field




Variety Games


*Campers participating in swim lessons will be escorted and monitored by gender-specific group leaders to change before and after their swim. No other users will be in the locker rooms at the same time as the campers.

Classes with Friends

We cannot guarantee that a camper is placed in the same class as their friends, so we recommend that families coordinate with one another to enroll in the same classes at the same hours in order to ensure they are placed together.

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