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About Campers in Leadership Training

Campers In Leadership Training (CILTs) participate in leadership lessons focused on working with youth and learning general job skills. The program concentrates on building the participant’s communication skills within both large and small groups, professionalism, critical thinking, problem-solving, confidence, discipline, and initiative. From activities such as lesson planning to mock interviews, the campers develop the necessary skills to become a part of the future Blue camp staff or obtain employment elsewhere.

A Day in the Life

A typical day for a CILT begins with a skill-based workshop, where they practically apply skills in a camp setting, as well as other activities throughout the day. CILTs develop their leadership skills while working with participants at our Blue Camp or Explorer Camp. CILTs always work with campers that are at least two years younger than they are. CILTs in this program learn how to be flexible and take initiative in a bigger system. CILTs are considered campers in a leadership training role, and therefore pay a fee, depending upon the program and session. Participants receive an evaluation of their workplace strengths and skills, coaching on how to maximize those strengths, as well as a UC Berkeley Leadership Certificate upon completion of the program.  

CILT Program Objectives

The CILT program is for those youth that have completed 8th -10th grade and are looking for an opportunity to start building leadership and career skills in a fun environment. While they are still considered campers, CILTs are treated similarly to camp staff in an effort to provide an immersive, professional experience. This approach grants CILTs opportunities to create a lesson, lead an activity, or be tasked with other camp-related duties. Many of these skills are transferable and can be used by participants in their future career endeavors. In addition, CILT participants will learn the many skills required to be a successful Counselor-in-Training (CIT) in subsequent years.

The CIT program is for teens who are a little more mature and have prior camp experience. CITs are considered staff members, while CILTs are still considered campers. In the staff application process, it is the applicant who manages their own application, communicates with their potential supervisor, and schedules their own interview. When a parent needs to communicate on behalf of their child, it is a signal to us that they are not quite ready to be a staff member. The training for the CIT program takes place in late May. This CIT staff position is a job, and our goal is to teach teens valuable work skills while they are learning to be a camp counselor.  

Ages & Eligibility

Must be aged 13 – 14 (by June 1, 2023)

2023 Campers in Leadership Training Sessions

Register Starting 1/28/23

 Session Ages Price Dates
Session I 13 – 14  $395 6/5/23 – 6/16/23
Session II 13 – 14  $355 6/20/23 – 6/30/23
Session III 13 – 14  $355

7/3/23 – 7/14/23

No Camp 7/4

Session IV 13 – 14  $395 7/17/23 – 7/28/23
Session V 13 – 14  $395 7/31/23 – 8/11/23


Questions? Contact:

Kaitlyn Dividock, M.Ed. – Supervisor, Youth Camps

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