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hillside of sibley volcanic preserve spotted with some darker green shrubs and some antennas on top of one hill

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, photo by Wikimedia user Sarah Stierch CC BY 4.0

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Local History • Hike • Nature

Tuff, gneiss and wacke – this place rocks

We already have earthquakes and wildfires, now we have to worry about a volcanic eruption in the Bay Area?! Not quite – the volcano under Sibley hails from the Pliocene epoch, when it was active enough to create the structures under the East Bay ridges from Inspiration Point in Tilden Regional Park out eastward to Moraga. The summit that makes up Round Top (elevation 1763 ft. above sea level) was once a vent that has since been tilted on its side, and lava within it has been dated at 9.5 million years old by UC Berkeley.

Explore the rolling hills, ridges and valleys of the park and enough and you will come upon not one, but two labyrinths. Exposed cliffsides showcase the area’s geologic history, and livestock grazing policies mean you could come upon a bovine friend or two.

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While you’re in the area, grab food from these Black-owned food establishments:


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